At Marvelsoft, we pride ourselves on meeting our clients’ needs as precisely as possible. Very often, this means creating a custom-made solution. Our most recent tailored solution for a Tier I banking client enabled the client to use their own proprietary business logic to cut down market costs. 

The solution included three components:


Business logic data warehouse

To archive recent data and legacy data, we developed a custom business logic data warehouse. With this solution we were able to:

  • Preserve legacy data of your business logic
  • Migrate to a database for persistent storage
  • Integrate legacy logic with modern database systems

Proprietary aggregation algorithm

We designed a custom-made aggregation algorithm to add greater cost efficiency to our off-the-shelf algo engine. This modification helped our client reduce both clearing and settlement costs.

Custom-tailored user interface

We developed a bespoke user interface to be added as an extension to an existing OMS for seamless integration. This solution includes:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Seamless integration with third-party OMS
  • Easy configuration of complex business logic
  • Guardrails that simplify compliance


Whether the right choice for your business is to develop custom trading software or to integrate third-party products into existing software solutions, we do what makes the most sense for your goals and your bottom line. Our aim is to meet and exceed your needs without sacrificing efficiency or cost savings. We focus on your challenge and your objectives, not our inventory.