TradeMate is a scalable buy-side and sell-side algorithm development platform. The user-friendly framework makes it easy to interact with the platform whether you are implementing a new strategy or adding features to an existing one. The solution is a perfect choice for traders with little or no programming experience who want to implement  sophisticated trading strategies that require a high degree of customization.


TradeMate is built around proprietary trading apps that meet algo traders’ most common challenges. With TradeMate, you have choices: take one of our off-the-shelf apps and start trading right away, or if none of them are quite what you need, tweak one until it fits: the apps are written in Excel®, making adjustments simple. 
Have a different idea altogether? Pick the blank template instead and create a custom strategy tailored to your vision, in Excel®, VBA or R.

Market Making

Achieve an unrivalled edge as a market maker. The immensely flexible TradeMate development framework gives you the power to fine-tune your market-making strategy simply and easily.

Strategy Prototyping

The strategy prototyping app enables you to build your own portfolio management, trading, and execution algorithms. It comes complete with a pre-configured FIX gateway that makes testing simple.

Pairs Trading

Our pairs trading app makes it easy to set up all kinds of basic pairs trading strategies. This proprietary multi-market, multi–currency, multi–asset class program gives you flexibility unavailable on any other pairs trading engine.


Propagate feed data from any OMS and enable your algorithm to respond to market data or technical indicators in real time. Once exported to Excel® these values will enable you to create hedging strategies set to be triggered by any combination of events you choose. Trade equities or ETFs and hedge them against derivatives and currency. The options are unlimited!

TWAP Slicing

Spread your child orders evenly throughout the set period of time. Our TWAP app is a robust TWAP algorithm with a difference: you call the shots. You set the parameters before the orders start to be executed, you set the alerts that will keep you informed about how the execution is going, and you get to decide if you need to change course.


With TradeMate, you can connect your strategies directly to the markets. Reduce your overall running costs significantly and boost your profitability by powering your algorithm with real-time market data piped straight from your existing OMS or trading screen. Develop your own strategies in Excel® and trade them straight off your spreadsheet.


Don’t let inflexible technology cost you the chance to profit from short-lived trading opportunities. With TradeMate, you can act quickly and on your own, with no need for outside support. By offering full control, TradeMate allows you to:

  • Pilot your orders from the moment of their creation.
  • Handle executions in real time.
  • Analyze trades as they happen – and incorporate what you learn into your strategy.


You can trade with confidence on TradeMate. TradeMate has an alert system with safety features for automated trading. Its well-designed GUI will alert you to every change of status of an order, while a more complete set of details in the log file makes algorithm-troubleshooting simple. Two windows will tell you all you need to know:

  • The TradeMate window offers a comprehensive view of all the orders and their execution reports (acknowledgements, cancellations, rejections).
  • The Message Log window shows all the important messages related to your orders.