TRADEMATE is a scalable buy-side and sell-side algo platform that acts as a gateway from Excel® to the exchanges. The user-friendly framework makes it easy to interact with the platform whether you are implementing a new strategy or adding features to an existing one. The solution is a perfect choice for traders with little or no programming experience who want to implement  sophisticated trading strategies that require a high degree of customization.

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  • Cost Efficient - Power your algorithm with market data piped straight from your existing OMS or trading screen.
  • Flexible - Pilot orders instantaneously, handle executions in real time and analyze trades as they occur.
  • C# API - Built and exposed to users alongside detailed documentation and demo strategies.
  • Secure and Reliable - Detailed overview and control of orders, order traceability and system resilience.

TRADEMATE is available with off-the-shelf strategies and  a framework to develop your proprietary algos.

Pick one of our ready made strategies that can be tuned and enhanced to match your trading style:

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Market Making

Achieve an unrivalled edge as a market maker. The immensely flexible TRADEMATE development framework gives you the power to fine-tune your market-making strategy simply and easily.

TWAP Slicing

Spread your child orders evenly throughout the set period of time. Our TWAP app is a robust TWAP algorithm with a difference: you call the shots. You set the parameters before the orders start to be executed, you set the alerts that will keep you informed about how the execution is going, and you get to decide if you need to change course.


Propagate feed data from any OMS and enable your algorithm to respond to market data or technical indicators in real time. Once exported to Excel® these values will enable you to create hedging strategies set to be triggered by any combination of events you choose. Trade equities or ETFs and hedge them against derivatives and currency.

Pairs Trading

Our pairs trading app makes it easy to set up all kinds of basic pairs trading strategies. This proprietary multi-market, multi–currency, multi–asset class program gives you flexibility unavailable on any other pairs trading engine.