TRADEMIND is the next generation algorithmic trading engine that gives traders a competitive edge. It provides a vast array of parameters to manipulate the behavior of algorithms in order to assist the traders in achieving their goals.
TRADEMIND will enrich your trading capabilities with advanced off-the-shelf execution algorithms which can be tuned to match your distinctive trading style. The system's integrated real-time market data feed handler, wide market coverage, and TRADEMIND's built-in algorithms, make trading faster and more reliable than ever.

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Each algorithm is highly versatile and can be easily adapted to your trading style, rather than forcing you to adapt to it. With an intelligent set of defaults, you can begin trading almost immediately, or decide which of the many advanced options you wish to set or adjust.


In your business, fast and reliable trading performance is vital. That’s why we utilize client-server architecture directly connected to a low-latency market data feed. In addition, all algorithms are pre-compiled and executed on the server side, allowing you to get your orders to the market even quicker.


You have better things to do than master complex trading software. TRADEMIND is simple, straightforward and intuitive and it gives you a comprehensive overview and total control over every aspect of your trade.
Perform regular operations on single-order algorithms and manage program trading simultaneously. Work in the security of knowing that thanks to comprehensive validation every order you place is accurate and complete.


Managing multiple complex orders requires a high level of organization. Our algorithms come with TRADEVISOR, the algo orders monitoring and controlling interface. This user-friendly setup makes all challenges of any algo trading desk easily manageable.


VWAP Disperses trading activity to match projected volume patterns over a given interval, while overweighting and underweighting arbitrary periods based on short-term price projections.
Permits your own ad-hoc modifications to achieve desired volume patterns.
TWAP Distributes child orders evenly throughout the trading interval, according to constraints you provide.
MOC Approximate the behavior of the market-on-close order type of any exchange, irrespective of the specific order types available.


TVOL Executes orders up to a target volume participation rate that scales in proportion to the overall market activity.
Reformulates the volume participation target automatically, based on market price action and thresholds you configure.


PEG Re-posts orders in response to order book changes, keeping them aligned to the reference price you set.
ICEBERG Reduces information leakage by utilizing a combination of limit and hidden orders with size randomization. This functionality can be modified to meet the regulations of the particular exchange.
SHORT SELL Sends an order to follow the best offer price to get filled in compliance with any short selling restriction, such as the uptick rule.
SNIPER Minimizes information leakage by utilizing immediate-or-cancel (IOC) orders, triggered by favorable prices on the limit order book.
STOP  Sends an order at a designated price, once the instrument has traded at that pre-specified trigger price.


IS Minimizes trading cost risk relative to the arrival price you set by dynamically adjusting aggressiveness in response to market conditions.