TradeVisor is designed to support and enhance buy-side and sell-side algorithmic trading operations. It will enrich your trading experience with full order life-cycle control and visibility. Beyond robust broker-monitoring and performance analytic capabilities, TradeVisor will enable you to provide better service to your clients by making it possible for you to:

  • Answer execution questions quickly and easily with TradeVisor’s on-demand performance reporting functionality.
  • Review your brokers’ performance in real time, so you can manage, monitor, and optimize your orders as the trading day unfolds.



Use TradeVisor and get full transparency over every single algo child order. Our best in class solution for order performance monitoring and for broker performance reviewing will give you complete visibility of your executions. Instead of finding out how your strategy performed after the execution is complete, timely alerts from TradeVisor will enable you to react immediately. This user-friendly mechanism will enable you or your client to:

  • Create alerts set to trigger at the performance points you choose.
  • Configure each alert with a specialized graphical editor designed to monitor one or more conditions and threshold values, such as various order or market data fields, and browse the ongoing alert notification log.


Beyond monitoring and analysis, TradeVisor gives you the ability to control and fine-tune your active orders. Our real-time, full life-cycle order control solution will give you the capacity to safeguard your orders from market anomalies. In addition to the added security, TradeVisor gives you the power to make real-time order modifications at any moment during your order’s lifecycle. For example, TradeVisor allows you to:

  • Manually adjust the VWAP curve and force your slices to follow your intuition or an emerging trend.
  • Pause or resume any or all of your orders at any moment during their lifecycle.


Identify your brokers’ strengths and weaknesses with our powerful algo order monitoring and broker analysis tool. Monitor broker performance and compare the average execution prices of your orders, at any point of an order’s lifecycle, to identify which broker offers you the best execution edge. Distinguish the routes with lower costs so you can send more orders to your best-performing brokers. A thorough tree view, per-broker and per-algo filtration interface will allow you to monitor each of your brokers’ performances individually as well as all your active and inactive orders. With this tool, you will be able to:

  • Perform comprehensive analysis and gain full transparency into your VWAP orders’ performance.
  • Compare their VWAP benchmark against the market VWAP
  • Monitor how fast and how frequently your orders are being sent and executed.
  • See when your orders deviate from your target price. Create alerts that notify you when an event occurs that could compromise your success.


Order Audit is another element of TradeVisor functionality that will enhance your algo execution. In a matter of seconds, this feature allows you to filter execution events down to milliseconds without compromising your execution support. Order Audit will help you fully understand how particular algorithms micromanage child orders on the market. This powerful tool timestamps and stores every event related to your order executions, providing a useful log of every moment of your trading day.


This broker and order reporting solution will help you reduce your portfolio managing cost with its extensive performance reporting capabilities. Using TradeVisor for data processing will significantly reduce the time you spend on analysis of your algo executions. With TradeVisor, you will be able to generate rich yet clear reports for internal or external recipients. TradeVisor will enable you to:

  • Provide your clients with prompt, comprehensive, and transparent reports on your broker and algo order performance.
  • Show how your VWAP orders have performed against market VWAP with our graphic reporting function.
  • Create reports that include a breakdown of percent of volume executed per market and market segment.
  • Document your daily trading activities or any set of performance indicators important to your clients or internal recipients.