TRADEPOT is a platform for historical tick-data storage, quantitative processing, and advanced analytics. Fed by any one of our ready-made feed handlers, TradePot generates and optimizes VWAP profiles and other custom trading indicators.




  • Tick-data research-ready database
  • Processing methods developed by quants
  • VWAP profile generator and optimizer
  • Advanced algorithm R&D
  • Custom indicator development


  • Cost-efficient and cloud-ready
  • Pre-configured feed handlers
  • Quant-developed and quant-supported
  •  Seamles FIX infrastructure integration


  • Definable tick-data sets
  • VWAP profile optimization
  • Tick-data quality indicators
  • Boundless storage capacities

Algo Optimizer and VWAP Profile Generator

Use TradePot to enhance the intraday behavior of your algorithms. Our proprietary technical indicators allow you to customize your operations in significant ways. In addition, our VWAP profile modeling empowers every VWAP order by making it easy to respond to short-term market trend fluctuations even within particular instruments.

  • Fine-tune your VWAP profiles to outperform the benchmark
  • Define profile generating data sets
  • Use a bar data evaluating range to handle anomalies
  • Use a bar scaling mechanism to encourage trend recognition
  • Filter out invalid profiles with a data validity check mechanism
  • Collect data only for the days that matter to your operations

TradePot Chart