Our History

Our story begins in 2004, when our current CEO Matija Maretic opened our first office in Switzerland.

He used his experience as an equity and derivatives trader, his business skills, and his technical education to begin the development of second-generation algorithms and to manage his software programmers.

And in 2005, we started developing our diverse set of products and services, focusing on the development of the most sophisticated, transparent, and configurable trading algos. After a decade of exclusive partnership with selected global financial players, in early 2010s, our company entered the non-exclusive vendor space and grew fast and organically, which is when we saw the need to open an office in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014 and move all of our operations there.

Seeing how the demand for our trading solutions and consulting services grew significantly, we decided to move our headquarters to Hong Kong in 2016.

With a full set of trading solutions, in 2021, we launched our Marvelsoft Trading Platform, a new platform consolidating expertise and know-how gathered over 20 years of experience and global track record, allowing our clients the privilege of realizing their trading strategies on a single multi-asset platform.