As a leader in trading platform engineering and algorithmic trading, automation is in our genes. Reflecting that heritage, Marvelsoft Trading Platform  (MTP)  provides the next generation of automated end-to-end OMS and trade workflow for the modern sell-side trading firm. 

MTP offers streamlined precision at scale.  Applying modern architectural standards and technologies to drive the next generation of OMS, that combines the power of automation and the agility, scale and efficiency of modern open architecture.

Multi-Workflow, Cross-jurisdictional Support

  • Our OMS powers our customers across a full range of workflows spanning Low Touch, No-touch Direct Market Access as well as support for complex High-Touch, large scale,  bulk trading workflows such as Program Trading and ETF order workflow.
  • MTP operates across the complexities of multiple jurisdictions removing the complexities of trading in different markets.

Rationalizing Complexity

  • Modern market complexity drives our customers to demand trading platforms that simplify the handling of large scale complex workflows with the agility to change quickly when regulation or strategies change.
  • Our platform rationalizes complexity to create smooth workflows that provide consistent reliable behaviors and outcomes at scale.
  • The Marvelsoft platform provides unrivaled resilience,  reliability and uptime that is  required to underpin the execution of modern trading strategies.

Powerfully Integrated

  • Promoting an open architecture, allowing customers to use their data and fine tune strategy and workflow without restriction, our focus is to provide unrivaled,  modern messaging architecture that is powerfully integrated to our customers systems, supporting a highly flexible range of standard protocols. 
  • Simple to deploy and extract with clean end-points to integrate to your business.  We avoid the legacy trap of traditional OMS systems which stifle a firm’s ability to adapt and migrate to new technology.
  • Our OMS is complemented  through tight integration to our flagship algo trading engine to allow fully integrated visibility and control of the entire trading workflow from order inception to trade execution.

Taking Service Seriously

  • We offer our platform as a fully serviced, cost effective, SaaS offering, where our experts run the entire trading tech stack on a firm’s behalf or as a managed installation in our customers premises in their preferred data centers.
  • Our experts and engineers operate around the clock to ensure our systems run smoothly and consistently perform at scale.  Ready to serve the most demanding trading workflows and to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Our product  roadmap is driven directly by our customers to ensure our products directly meet the needs of evolving trading businesses.