Marvelsoft’s Smart Order Router is a high performance algorithmic service specifically designed to help brokers and trading firms meet their trade execution policies and to optimize the execution against available liquidity for financial instruments that are listed and trading on multiple venues simultaneously.

When instruments are listed in more than one location, liquidity can often display fragmentation across multiple markets. When fragmentation is present, a single venue strategy will result in the loss of opportunity to execute at better available prices and potentially at lower cost.

SOR blends aggressive market sweeping of all available markets, and dynamic switching of resting orders towards all available liquidity, to capture all live opportunities.

Streamlined workflow to meet strict execution policies

  • SOR provides the ability to deliver multi-venue, trade execution strategies, specifically aligned  to a customer’s best execution policy. 
  • Specific default strategies can be set per customer and per instrument, to provide highly configurable streamlined automation, that maximizes the performance of trade execution and helps to meet your regulatory requirements on best execution. 
  • Meeting a customer’s execution policy strictly, requires a robust, reliable and scalable  algorithmic technology. Marvelsoft’s proven technology and service is live in multiple markets around the world and serves leading financial institutions in efficient workflow automation at scale.

Precision Engineered, Automated and Integrated

  • SOR is built on the core backbone of Marvelsoft’s Algorithmic Engine and Sophisticated DMA services.  Our SOR shares the high-performance characteristics  of all of our powerful automation architecture, proven logic engines backed by the expertise of our world class team of engineers.
  • The Marvelsoft SOR is seamlessly integrated with our pioneering trading platform MTP and our full suite of benchmark and execution algos, providing for full end-to-end workflow automation and access to the global trading ecosystem. 
  • Our modular approach to trading systems and our powerful real-time messaging architecture allows any system to be integrated into our trading engines across the widest range of modern protocols.

Configurable to support the widest range of strategies 

  • SOR supports the precision definition of multiple strategies and multiple aggressive and passive strategy phases, allowing Marvelsoft customers to automatically sweep available liquidity and optimize the placement of passive orders.
  • Passive order strategy includes follow up phases to allow automatic movement from one market to another when liquidity shifts to or becomes available on an alternative venue.
  • SOR complements the trading expertise of our customers by allowing traders and algorithms to deliver superior price performance on orders originating from multiple business workflows.
  • SOR works directly in sync with our range of execution algos or can run independently facing a customers broader set of inhouse strategies.